1. Where did the quick hit slots come from?
  2. What is free quick hit slots and what is waiting for a player.
  3. Learn more about Symbols
  4. Bonus game

Where did the quick hit slots come from?

Surely at least once every person had an idea to drop a couple of cents in a slot machine, especially for those who have a hint of excitement over a cold mind.

And of course, even the simplest version of the game, can significantly cheer you up, especially when a number of bells or classic sevens neatly line up in a long-awaited combination.

After digging a bit in the history of gambling roots, you can undoubtedly dig up interesting information where do today’s popular quick hit slots come from.


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Undoubtedly, for many today, classical gambling establishments have not lost their popularity, because for casino lovers, going to such a place is a lifestyle and a certain rest from everyday fuss.

But quite an impressive half of gambling enthusiasts still pumped to online casinos, and enjoy spending their time on a soft sofa in their pajamas and a glass of whiskey at home

Of course, there are countries in which online gambling type entertainment has been banned, but this does not mean at all that people have lost interest in gambling and have not found an alternative way to visit a particular site.

So let’s all the same return to the origins of quick hits slot machine game and, in general, to the concept of a slot machine. The first such machine, called Liberty Bell, was created in the garage of a car mechanic who was living in Frisco .This great-grandfather of the current slots had three reels and one playing line.

The slot had only 5 characters, which rotated due to the handle, that’s why these machines got their name “one-armed gangster”. In order to set the game in motion, it was necessary to insert five cents into the recess for money.

In case of a win, the player could be guaranteed to receive 50 cents.

After a few years, these slots gained immense popularity throughout America and almost every institution from the bar to the gas station tried to have the magical “Liberty bell”

It is also interesting that in the case of a win, some establishments were also calculated with a drink and food. Time passed and in spite of the growing popularity, one-armed bandits Liberty Bell were banned, which in principle is not surprising, because if you scroll forward, gambling more and more falls under the ban of the authorities.

By the mid-twentieth century, gaming machines began to gradually evolve. Thus, in 1964, a more modern “Money Honey“ machine appeared, which was equipped with sound and light accompaniment and the main handle was replaced by a button.

At the same time, the slots underwent a huge change and the usual machines were replaced by video slots.

It’s terrible to imagine how crazy these machines have changed and now, the age of computer technology has made them the real “monsters” of the gambling business. The developers of modern slots do not cease to amaze their fans and every day they are pleased with new products that are truly one better than the other.

In today’s review, the offers you will get acquainted with one of these developments – quick hit slots and see for yourself how quickly time changes things around us.

What is free quick hit slots and what is waiting for a player

Quick hit casino slots implies not one but several high-quality games, mainly the company the developer of this group is Bally Technologies.

They have excellent characteristics, excellent graphics and undoubtedly impressive soundtrack.

An unforgettable classic that stretches from the distant past and which will delight players with its unchanged appearance over the centuries are symbolic images in the form of familiar cherries, bells, sevens, as well as BARs.

This slot is definitely given popularity by a big return, winnings quite often can be returned to the client in really large amounts.

The Quick Hit line is designed at the highest level, including all technological innovations and modern capabilities of Alpha computer technology.

What allows to this entertainment to be displayed on monitor screens in the form of high-quality detailed images inherent in modern complex graphics.

In classic Quick hit, like many other similar machines, was created in America, as mentioned by Bally Gaming.

The game is really much brighter and more versatile compared to others like wow type slots. There are several scatters, a wild symbol and a nice possible surprise – free spins.

As for the prize combinations, they should be considered from left to right.

The only exception to this rule is “Scatters”.

The amount of winnings depends on the bet of the player, the percentage of payments will always be ninety-four percent, since the adjustment of the lines is not provided.

But still it’s worth repeating again that the return on 5 reels and 30 paylines will not take long.

Everyone can personally verify that this gambling “bomb” really has a good return, you can do this by visiting a number of gambling establishments and using the free play function. In the free mode, the client can test one of the games of the line without any infringement.

We recommend use the services of trusted casinos, although of course it’s a matter of taste and the choice of everyone personally.

Using the list of gambling web sites: bgo.com, casumo.com, rizk.com, royalpanda.com, casinoland.com, a gamer can test quick hits slot free games, but also safely make your first bet in your life and also learn detail about the best offers provided by these casinos.

Remember that in addition to such a promotion as a welcome bonus, there are a number of other interesting offers that can significantly affect your winnings.

Alternatively, you may be offered bonus codes and promo codes that you can use for certain purposes, a pleasant surprise can also be no deposit code.

So as a tip, you should not miss such tabs as promotions, or ignore offers for promo codes.

It is also worth mentioning that this slot is not only available in the online version on casino sites, customers can also use the free quick hit slots application.

So anyone can easy to get the Quick hits for his mobile.

The client can download this application either on the gambling houses website, as well as on the Apple store and enjoy playing time, using the quick hit slots app.

Learn more about Symbols

Free quick hit slots have 4 special characters. These symbols make the game individual and memorable.

Trigger for the appearance of the bonus game- Free bonus game

Platinum symbolizes Scatter, who is in turn responsible for receiving Jackpot.

Another Scatter is marked with the Logo symbol; it is rendered for a sequence of three to nine elements.

Wild- answers its name and is a representative of wild symbols, it creates its own sequential combinations.

Reading the rules, it seems that an inexperienced player can not figure it out, but as practice shows, this entertainment is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

So, being a beginner, you can try the free version of the game and, as they say, to get started “to taste”, and only then proceed to real bets.

Perhaps quck hitslot does not have a large number of characters like some others gambling, but it is worth focusing on the fact that these characters really work, and secondly, a large number of characters does not say anything and often only confuses thoughts. This is especially true for those who has just become at the beginning of the game path.

Believe in yourself and you will succeed, since the game is worthy of your time and attention.

Bonus game

The bonus offer contains two options that are interconnected.

In order to master the bonus option, you will get a little bit nervous and should make friends with fortune.

In order to take advantage and activate it, the player must make every effort during the game and provide 3 found corresponding Triggers.

Then the playing field is literally closed with question marks, among which you need to find the three necessary, because it is under these three that there are coincidences. If the client copes with the task, then for this he receives from five to twenty attempts.

If the client was lucky and he got the Jokers, then he will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of additional spins.

Going back a bit and recalling the first machine that was invented really long ago, we never cease to be surprised at how much time the world around us can change.

After all, not so long ago, only the inhabitants of the American continent could use a simple mechanical game.

Now, gambling houses are available around the world, in every corner of the globe.

In quick hits slot games they play not only in America, but also in England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and even Russia.

The gaming industry is stepping forward to offer new entertainment and all kinds of promotions for its gambling partners.

All kinds of offers make each gambling house individual and therefore sometimes you should pay a little more time to study gambling houses in order to choose the most suitable one depending on your preferences.

Today you will be offered not only a free Quick hit option, but also quick hit slots free chips – a free coins option, it all depends on where you decided to spend your time and which gaming house you still decided to give your preference to.

In addition to all the above simple rules, it is important to remember that fortune loves confident people, even if you are just a beginner player.